Wild Caught Rainbow Sea Nettles

Wild Caught Rainbow Sea Nettles

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These will be available again summer of 2021! Stay tuned for more info 


Chrysaora chesapeakei 


We recently collected a decent number of stunning wild Atlantic Sea Nettles. These jellies are all incredibly unique, having a wide variety of colors and patterns. Lots of intense purple and burgundy colors. These guys are much larger than what we typically sell our aquacultured nettles at, but we are offering them at the same price!


About our collection methods

We are all about sustainability and aquaculture of jellyfish. Following that motto, we only collect jellyfish in a 100% sustainable and population friendly manner. We wild collect jellies like these to help improve our aquaculture efforts. Buying products like these helps us move forward with aquaculture of jellyfish. 

If you have never ordered live jellyfish before, please review how our shipping system works. How Shipping Works 


This video shows the variety of colors and patterns to expect out of these Sea Nettles