About Us

The Jellyfish Warehouse is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We take pride in being a small business run by hobbyists! Here we care about the jellyfish, and the customers they live with.  


"I started keeping jellyfish when there really weren't many tanks on the market and there was only one species available, the Moon Jellyfish. Keeping jellyfish became an art to me, and I was determined to find as many species and master their husbandry. This often meant going on expeditions, collecting them and researching what it takes to raise them. Over the years we ended up keeping and breeding around 50 species of jellyfish from around the world. I've since made it my goal to provide a wide variety of sustainable, captive bred jellyfish. I want everyone to be able to enjoy jellyfish in their home or space, just like I do. "

"My favorite jellyfish is Tamoya haplonema, an extremely rare species of Atlantic Box Jellyfish"

-Travis, President