Shipment and Delivery Dates

We ship live orders out Monday through Thursday, to arrive the next day. Orders placed before 12:00 EST will ship out the same day. Our goal is to make sure all of our jellies arrive healthy and alive, so we may alter shipping schedules or hold orders due to weather (extra hot or cold etc.) 

If available, we try to select priority overnight services so that your jellies will arrive at your doorstep on or before 10:30 am. We pack our jellyfish in the afternoon and they leave our facility around 6pm. This ensures the absolute shortest travel time for them! 

Saturday delivery- We are happy to look up shipping quotes on Saturday delivery. It isn't available to all locations, and typically costs $15 more. Feel free to inquire if this option fits your schedule best! 

Arrive Alive Guarantee

The Jellyfish Warehouse guarantees that all jellyfish will arrive alive, or will be replaced or credited to your account. We put the highest effort into packing and shipping our jellyfish so that they arrive healthy and happy. That being said, weather, delays etc can happen. If your jellyfish arrives DOA, please contact us within 4 hours of its delivery. Please provide one picture of the jellies (in their sealed bag) and a description of the conditions (shape of box, general temperature, etc). We're dedicated to improve our processes as much as possible, so any information helps us. Once we have processed your claim, you may choose to receive a replacement jellyfish or an account credit. Customer is responsible for shipping cost of replacement jellyfish. 



No returns are accepted on live animals or foods. Jellyfish aquariums may be returned if they are unopened and not damaged. Customer is responsible for shipping product back. A 15% restocking fee will be applied to all returns. 


Authenticity and Aquaculture

Unless otherwise specified, The Jellyfish Warehouse aquacultures all of their listed jellyfish and guarantees they are of the highest quality. Jellyfish are born and raised completely in captivity. 


Aquarium Warranties

The Jellyfish Warehouse distributes several specialized jellyfish aquariums. We do not necessarily manufacture these products. All warranties or missing parts will come from the manufacturer directly. We would be glad to help assist you with this process, but we are unable to act on behalf of the manufacturer. 


Stinging Jellyfish 

The Jellyfish Warehouse sells a wide variety of captive bred jellyfish, which include "true jellyfish" as well as other gelatinous zooplankton. True jellyfish are within the class Scyphozoa, and the phylum Cnidaria. That phylum also includes but is not limited to Hydrozoa and Cubozoa. Our website tends to group several different gelatinous zooplankton into jellyfish. All members of Cnidaria have the ability to sting to some degree. Some jellyfish will have no noticeable effect on humans, whereas others may cause medically significant stings. The Jellyfish Warehouse does not offer jellyfish or any form of gelatinous zooplankton which present mortal danger to humans. Some of the jellyfish that we offer may have a sting which can cause irritation. Those with sensitive skin or particular allergies may have worse symptoms. The Jellyfish Warehouse is not responsible for any stings that may occur from our products. It is understood that our jellyfish should be handled with caution and that different species have different levels of stinging. Additionally, everyone is unique and particular caution should be exercised until your personal reaction is understood well.