Public Aquarium Jellyfish Supply

The Jellyfish Warehouse is very proud to supply public aquariums, colleges, universities and laboratories with high grade live jellyfish. 


Aquacultured Jellyfish : We Specialize in breeding a wide variety of jellyfish from around the world. This has allowed us to supply aquariums around the world with fascinating and exotic specimens for their displays. 


Sustainable, Quarantined Wild Caught Jellyfish: For those looking for large specimens or species not currently aquacultured, our wild caught specimens are the way to go. We put extreme effort into providing healthy, parasite and disease free jellyfish.


Species of particular interest that we offer:

Comb Jellyfish (Mnemiopsis leidyi) These beautiful ctenophores are in high demand due to their interest in evolutionary biology, as well as medical research. They are also favored amongst public aquariums because of the rainbow iridescent light show they create. We can typically collect these year round with advanced notice. 

Blubber Jellyfish (Catostylus sp.) Hugely popular jellies, but their husbandry is frequently misunderstood. These wild caught jellies frequently come in with parasites. These get eradicated while in our care. Our staff can then offer a husbandry plan that fits your institution. 

Please contact us to see our full list of available specimens.


Why Choose Us?


We are the experts in jellyfish: Our president and head of aquaculture, Travis Brandwood, has been working with and culturing jellyfish for over 8 years. We work with jellyfish all day every day

Healthy Jellyfish: We put extreme effort into culturing the highest quality jellyfish and providing the healthiest wild caught specimens. No other company takes the measures we do to provide quarantined and stable specimens. We insure your institution will receive healthy animals saving you money, time and effort. 

Purchase Order and Paperwork Friendly: We have worked with many institutions that required PO's. We gladly accept them and are happy to fill out any animal acquisition forms necessary. 

Special Rates: We offer special pricing to public aquariums, laboratories, colleges, universities and other accredited institutions. 


How to Order:

Please email us to set up an account at