Three Lagoon Jellyfish

Three Lagoon Jellyfish

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Mastigias papua

2-3" long

The Lagoon Jellyfish is a fun and charismatic addition to aquariums. They confidently pulse around the tank and are great for someone wanting more movement. During the day time, you will often see your Lagoon Jelly breakdancing upside down. This odd behavior is actually them farming algae in their tentacles. They turn upside down and rotate, like a spinning top. Others will swim around their home hunting for snacks.

Although Lagoon Jellies can grow algae in their tentacles, it's not a necessary requirement. Because the algae they farm is a golden color, their overall color varies from ocean blue to golden brown. The more light they are exposed to, the more golden they become. 

These jellyfish are entertaining and easy to care for.