Three Comb Jelly Bundle

Three Comb Jelly Bundle

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Mnemiopsis leidyi 

1-2" long (full size)

We are extremely excited to start offering captive bred Comb Jellies! This is a culmination of several years worth of work at Jellyfish Warehouse. Aquacultured Comb Jellies are hardier, adjusted to aquaria and disease free. 

Comb jellyfish are possibly the most alien creatures in our oceans. They cruise through the water like spaceships with a prismatic electric light show. Rather than pulse, comb jellies use hundred of tiny plates, or combs, to paddle through the water. This gives them 360° of control to move in any direction. When white light is shone over the jellies, these combs create a prismatic rainbow that appears to run up and down the jellyfish. 

This species of Comb jellyfish is found all year in a very wide range of temperature. They can be kept at 50-80° F. If possible, we recommend keeping them cooler, around 60° F. This slows down their metabolism, effectively doubling their life span. It also limits bacterial growth in the aquarium, benefiting the jellies. 

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Quick Care Stats 

Natural Habitat Bays and harbors along the Atlantic coast 
Care Level Moderate
Salinity 1.014-1.023 SG (ours are kept at 1.014)
Temperature 55-77 F, 68-72 is ideal 
Recommended Aquarium

Orbit 20, Neo 4, Neo 16, Medusa Desktop

Main Diet  Baby Brine Shrimp
Optional Diet "snacks" Live or frozen Rotifers
Sting No ability to sting
Life Span 1 Year
Special Requirements Require a well cycled aquarium 
Should only be kept with other Comb Jellies


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