SuperStart Media

SuperStart Media

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Pre-seeded biological media, to get your jellyfish aquarium started fast and effectively. 

All aquariums have to be cycled, meaning the process of letting good bacteria build up to break down fish waste. These good bacteria break down toxic ammonia (comes from jellyfish poop). They take time to colonize your aquarium, sometimes a month or longer. 

This is why we've created SuperStart Media, a highly capable biological media, fully seeded with all the good bacteria you'll need to start your jellyfish tank. We've also added pH balancing aragonite media. This helps keep the pH in your jellyfish tank stable in the long run. SuperStart is seeded only with live nitrifying bacteria, and does not contain unwanted pests found in live rock. Comes in a convenient pack, can be added and retrieved from aquariums easily. 

How to Use:

1) Fill up your jellyfish aquarium with premixed saltwater, and get it running. 

2) Add your SuperStart Media to the filtration chamber of your jellyfish tank. 

3) "ghost feed" your tank- Add a little bit of jellyfish food each day, just like your jellyfish were actually there. This gives food for the bacteria. 

4) Wait one week and test your water for ammonia. This can often be done for free at your local fish store. When ammonia is zero, its safe to add jellies. 


Size Recommendations:

2 gallons: Nano SuperStart 

5-10 gallons: 1 packet of SuperStart

20 gallons: 2 packets of SuperStart