Neo 4 Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Neo 4 Desktop Jellyfish Tank

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**We are currently not producing any of our jellyfish tanks. For the time being, we would like to focus on raising jellyfish. Any further updates will be posted here!** 

New Features and Updates: 

  • The color design of our Neo tanks are now a black interior and white exterior. The black interior hides any algae, ensuring your tank looks stylish at all times. We are working to update our product pictures to reflect this. 
  • The included pump now has a safety shutoff sensor which will turn the pump off if it’s not fully submerged underwater. This new smart feature prevents the pump from burning itself out or sucking in air if the water level were to drop. 


We are happy to announce our own line of jellyfish tanks, the Neo line! In Latin, Neo refers to new, and this is a new take on a modern and functional jellyfish aquarium. The Neo 16 is a uniquely stylish all in one jellyfish aquarium. This tank is aimed to mix aesthetics, functionality and budget-friendliness. Its small form factor makes it ideal for office desks, dorm rooms, bedside tables etc. 


This kit comes with:

4 gallon all-in-one tank

Quiet and efficient DC brushless circulation pump 

Color Changing RGB LED light

Acrylic safe cleaning sponges

SuperStart pre cycled biological media

Mechanical filter sponge

6 month Supply JellyFuel Jellyfish Food 



4 Gallons

Supports 5 small-medium Moon jellyfish

15" diameter x 8" wide

12 Volts DC (Low energy consumption)