Omni 8 gallon Jellyfish Aquarium

Omni 8 gallon Jellyfish Aquarium

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  **We are currently not producing any of our jellyfish tanks. For the time being, we would like to focus on raising jellyfish. Any further updates will be posted here!** 


Omni is a latin word that means “all”. At the Jellyfish Warehouse, our goal has always been to offer rare and previously unobtainable jellyfish to the public. As jellyfish hobbyists ourselves, we wanted a place where anyone could get jellyfish or aquariums. That’s precisely why we created the Omni tank. This aquarium combines functionality with design, while also being the most affordable option on the market. Right out of the box, you will be set up for success with keeping a wide range of jellyfish. 

This is the only jellyfish tank on the market made of glass. Plastic is easier to form and bend but we wanted something sturdy and scratch resistant that would last you a lifetime. 

Complete three stage filtration is built into the back compartment of the tank. Water trickles over a filter pad and then a bag of our SuperStart biological media. This means your pH will be stable and your tank will never have issues with ammonia. 

At 8 gallons, this tank is the appropriate size to keep most jellyfish species. As a complete kit, you simply just add water, and turn it on. For those with experience and looking to branch out, there is room to add an external canister filter, heater or chiller and much more. A perfect option for both jellyfish beginners and experts.  

This tank utilizes a hybrid tumbler design that makes it perfect for a wide variety of jellyfish species including:

Moon Jellyfish, Upside Down Jellyfish, Lagoon Jellyfish, Flame Jellyfish , Ice Jellyfish, Fried Egg Jellyfish, Marble Jellyfish, Blubber Jellyfish, Bay Nettles, Dwarf Lions Mane Jellyfish, Mangrove Box Jellyfish 

Key Features:

Made in small batches by our team 

Hybrid tumbler design allows for keeping nearly any species of jellyfish 

Included light is strong enough for photosynthetic jellyfish

Included valve allows you to precisely control flow

All parts quickly disassemble for easy cleaning 

Dimensions: 14 x 13 x 13" 


This kit comes with

8 gallon aquarium specialized for jellyfish 

LED light (Blue and white color options) 

Glass lid and clips for a sleek rimless look

High quality glass body

A bag of our SuperStart pre-cycled biological media

2x Carbon filter pads 

Quiet 132 GPH pump with valve for flow adjustment 


Will comfortably support 5-7 Short tentacles jellyfish (like moon jellies) and 3-5 long tentacles species (like sea nettles)