Pet Moon Jellyfish For Sale
Pet Moon Jellyfish For Sale
Pet Moon Jellyfish For Sale
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Moon Jellyfish

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Aurelia aurita - Nordic strain

A clear, round jellyfish, with four long oral arm tentacles. Exhibits calm pulsing movements in the aquarium. When colored light is shined upon these jellyfish, they take on the color of that light. Moon jellyfish are characterized by the four stomachs in the center of their bell, resembling a four-leaf clover. The jellyfish are easy to keep and make a good starter jellyfish.

There are roughly 20 species of moon jellyfish found all over the world. We have worked with several strains and species to find the most suitable moon jellyfish for home aquariums. This particular strain can be kept in waters ranging from 65° F to 77° F. This means they will happily live in the widest range of home aquaria. Ultimately, we recommend keeping your Moon Jellies at room temperature, so that no chiller or heater is required. 

Bred in captivity to produce the highest quality of happy, disease free jellyfish. Our Moon Jellies are hardy and accept a wide range of foods. Our Moon Jellyfish have no noticeable sting.


Small: 1.5”

Medium: 2”

Large: 3”


All orders of live jellyfish will be shipped with our $38 priority flat rate service. Size is approximate. Jellies are measured in diameter from tip to tip.