Lagoon Jellyfish
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Lagoon Jellyfish

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Mastigias papua

The Lagoon Jellyfish is a fun and charismatic addition to aquariums. They confidently pulse around the tank and are great for someone wanting more movement. During the day time, you will often see your Lagoon Jelly breakdancing upside down. This odd behavior is actually them farming algae in their tentacles. They turn upside down and rotate, like a spinning top. Others will swim around their home hunting for snacks.


We have found that Lagoon Jellyfish do best when kept under full spectrum lighting. And as such, all of our captive bred Lagoon Jellies are kept under LED lights. Kessil A80 lights are an inexpensive and easy solution for providing light to your jellies. The Gooseneck mounting arm makes fixing the light to your tank a breeze. Check them out in the accessories section of our website.