Preorder: Neo 15
Preorder: Neo 15
Preorder: Neo 15
Preorder: Neo 15

Preorder: Neo 15

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We are happy to announce our own line of jellyfish tanks, the Neo line! In Latin, Neo refers to new, and this is a new take on a modern and functional jellyfish aquarium. The Neo 15 is a uniquely stylish all in one jellyfish aquarium. The large, open form of the tank makes it ideal for almost any species of jellyfish. Active swimming species, such as Lagoon Jellyfish and Blubber Jellyfish have room to swim around freely. The curved edges and spraybar assembly provide laminar flow to support more delicate species of jellyfish. 


This kit comes with:

15 gallon all-in-one tank

Quiet and efficient DC brushless circulation pump 

Color Changing RGB LED light

Acrylic safe cleaning sponges

SuperStart pre cycled biological media

Mechanical filter sponge

6 month Supply JellyFuel Jellyfish Food 



15 Gallons

Supports 15 small-medium Moon jellyfish

18W x 10D x 24H

12 Volts DC (Low energy consumption)