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Ice Jellyfish

Ice Jellyfish

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Rhopilema esculentum (previously R. asamushi)

~1" diameter, 2" long

Highly Limited Availability This is our first batch of Ice Jellies and we will likely have limited availability for some time. We only have 20 in stock now. 

A Jellyfish Warehouse original: These jellies have been cultured in public aquariums for a few years but have never been offered for sale. We're proud to be the first to bring you these beautiful jellies as 100% aquaucultured specimens. 

 Ice Jellyfish are a fascinating species. It was previously thought that they were distinct from the Flame Jellyfish. It was recently determined they were different morphs of the same species. Truly a Fire and Ice combo! The long and slender icicle feeding arms and blue green color earn them their title.

Ice jellies hail from the waters of Japan and China. Despite their name, they prefer mild waters in the range of 68-74° F. They are a robust and hearty species of jellyfish, making them good beginner to intermediate option. They're compatible with Flame Jellyfish and Mushroom Jellyfish, which makes for a very striking combination of colors.



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