Fried Egg Jellyfish

Fried Egg Jellyfish

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Cotylorhiza tuberculata - Captive Bred

1" diameter

A Jellyfish Warehouse original: These jellies have been cultured in public aquariums for a few years but have never been offered for sale in the US. We're proud to be the first to bring you these beautiful jellies as 100% aquacultured specimens. 

The Fried Egg Jellyfish is truly one of the most exotic jellies out there. They hail from the Mediterranean sea, around Italy and Greece. Because of this, they are sometimes called Mediterranean Jellies. With a bright yellow bell and vibrant blue and purple arms underneath, these jellies are impossible to miss. 

They enjoy tropical water in the range of 77-80° F. They also prefer a slightly higher salinity of 1.026 SG or 35 PPT. Fried Egg Jellies farm algae in their tentacles and will need to be provided with full spectrum lighting. Need a light for your jellyfish tank? You can find one here: Kessil A80 LED light 

Friendly by nature, Fried Egg Jellies can be kept with a wide variety of other jellyfish including: Upside Down Jellyfish, Lagoon Jellyfish, and Blubber Jellyfish. 

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Quick Care Stats 

Natural Habitat The Mediterranean Sea 
Care Level Moderate
Salinity 1.023 SG-1.028, 1.026 is ideal
Temperature 77 F
Recommended Aquarium

Orbit 20, Omni 9 & Omni 15, Neo 4 & 16, Medusa Desktop

Main Diet  Baby Brine Shrimp and Light
Optional Diet "snacks" N/A
Sting Minimal to none
Life Span 1-2 years 
Special Requirements Photosynthetic, require full spectrum lighting
Compatibility Can be kept with Upside Downs, Lagoons and Blubber Jellies


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