Comb Jellyfish
Glowing Lobed Comb Jellyfish for sale

Comb Jellyfish

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Mnemiopsis leidyi 

1-2" long (full size)

 We get frequent requests for these, especially for universities and labs. We are accepting special orders for 5+ specimens. Email us at to set up an order. 

Comb jellyfish are possibly the most alien creatures in our oceans. They cruise through the water like spaceships with a prismatic electric light show. Rather than pulse, comb jellies use hundred of tiny plates, or combs, to paddle through the water. This gives them 360° of control to move in any direction. When white light is shone over the jellies, these combs create a prismatic rainbow that appears to run up and down the jellyfish. 


This species of comb jellyfish is found all year in a very wide range of temperature. They can be kept at 50-80° F. If possible, we recommend keeping them cooler, around 60° F. This slows down their metabolism, effectively doubling their life span. It also limits bacterial growth in the aquarium, benefiting the jellies. 


Sustainably Sourced: These Comb jellyfish have been sustainably hand caught by our skilled and knowledgeable staff here at the Jellyfish Warehouse. Captive breeding efforts are underway with this lovely species. We first start by collecting jellies which appear to be healthy. They are quarantined and fed for a week in our facility. Once they pass quarantine they are ready to go!