Blue Cannonball Jellyfish
Blue Cannonball Jellyfish

Blue Cannonball Jellyfish

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Stomolophus sp. - Captive Bred

aproximately 1/2-1” diameter 

*We currently have a very limited number of these available!*

Blue Cannonball jellyfish were essentially a myth until fairly recently. Found in waters around Baja California, Mexico, these gorgeous deep blue jellyfish were difficult to access. Public aquariums in Europe finally started to captive breed them. Jellyfish Warehouse is happy to offer yet another new species to the US! 

Blue Cannonball jellies are an active species, resembling Blue Blubber jellies both in color and behavior. We rank them as a “moderate” care level species simply because they require live baby brine shrimp, and they like to eat a lot. Frequent, smaller meals are ideal for them. Otherwise, they are an easy and straightforward species with no special requirements. Starting out a sky blue color, they will darken to a deep ocean blue as they age and grow. 

At the Jellyfish Warehouse, we breed a specific strain or possibly a separate species that develops dark blue freckles across their bell. 

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Quick Care Stats 

Natural Habitat Gulf of California and nearby waters
Care Level Moderate  
Salinity 1.014 SG is ideal
Temperature 68-77 F
Recommended Aquarium

Orbit 20, Neo 4 , Omni 9, Omni 15, Neo 16, Medusa Desktop

Main Diet  Live baby brine shrimp 
Optional Diet "snacks" Live or frozen rotifers 
Sting No noticeable sting
Life Span 1-2  years 
Special Requirements
Compatibility Can be kept with other species of cannonball jellies as well as Lagoon jellies, Upside Down Jellies and Fried Egg Jellies


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