Blubber Jellyfish

Blubber Jellyfish

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Catostylus mosaicus

These jellyfish are sustainably collected in such a way that does not impact natural populations. We quarantine and treat these jellies to ensure they are at peal health and disease and parasite free. We go the extra mile to ensure you receive the healthiest jellyfish possible. 

Blubber Jellyfish are universally loved for their vibrant coloration and almost hilarious behavior. These tropical jellies come from the waters around Australia. 

We once thought of these jellies as being expert only, and very difficult to keep. Our team communicate with multiple public aquarists and advanced hobbyists to work out the correct methods to keeping this species healthy and happy. The number one aspect to keeping Blubber Jellyfish healthy is a constant source of live baby brine shrimp. Some home aquarists chose to feed small portions multiple times per day with great success. Other more tech oriented hobbyists utilized dosing pumps as automatic feeders. Either way, multiple feedings of live baby brine shrimp have proven to be key.