Aussie Spotted Jellyfish
Aussie Spotted Jellyfish
Aussie Spotted Jellyfish
Aussie Spotted Jellyfish

Aussie Spotted Jellyfish

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Phyllorhiza punctata roughly 1” round and 2” long 

Captive bred


A highly sought after and charismatic jellyfish native to the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Similar in care and appearance to Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish but packed with fascinating personality.  Their bells are covered with raised white spots and each arm is decorated with a white pointed tip. The golden brown symbiotic algae blends in with the rich blue color of the jellyfish, giving them a striking appearance. We've kept many species here at the Jellyfish Warehouse, and these jellies certainly stand out to us. 

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Quick Care Stats 

Natural Habitat Bays and Lagoons in the tropical Pacific 
Care Level Medium, Hardy but minor special requirements
Salinity 1.023 SG is ideal
Temperature 77-80 F
Recommended Aquarium

Orbit 20, Neo 4 , Omni 9, Omni 15, Neo 16, Medusa Desktop

Main Diet  Live baby brine shrimp and light
Optional Diet "snacks" Frozen rotifers
Sting No noticeable sting 
Life Span 1+ years
Special Requirements Photosynthetic
Can be kept with other Rhizostomate jellyfish: Upside Down Jellies, Fried Egg Jellies, Blubber Jellyfish, Lagoon Jellyfish

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