Bay Nettle Jellyfish
Bay Nettle Jellyfish

Bay Nettle Jellyfish

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Chrysaora chesapeakei - Captive Bred

Small: 1/2” - 1" diameter and 6-8" long 

Medium: 2" diameter and 12+" long 

In 2017, it was discovered that Atlantic Sea Nettles were actually two distinct species. And so the Bay Nettle became recognized! What does this mean for us as jellyfish keepers? Bay Nettles are the species we currently aquaculture. They're also smaller than true Atlantic Nettles, and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They're the perfect nettle for the home aquarium. We try to stay as scientifically up to date as possible and will be referring to these as Bay Nettles from here on! 

Bay Nettles are a beautiful jellyfish, found in Brackish rivers along the Atlantic Coast. These nettles come in a wide variety of colors. Their bodies are mainly white and they may develop red or brown spots, stripes and colorations. Keeping them at lower salinities will encourage these characteristic patterns. Keeping them at higher salinities often leads to bright white jellies. Bay Nettles have long and graceful tentacles that trail along with the jellyfish.

If Moon Jellyfish don’t suit you, Bay Nettles make an excellent beginner jellyfish. They are very hardy, and forgiving of mistakes. Smaller than their Pacific relatives, they get about 5" in diameter at max. Much like most other jellyfish, they will grow to meet the confines of their aquarium, meaning they can be kept in smaller tanks. 

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Quick Care Stats 

Natural Habitat Brackish rivers along the US Atlantic 
Care Level Beginner, hardy and resilient 
Salinity 1.020 SG is ideal, 1.014-1.022 SG is okay
Temperature 68-77 F
Recommended Aquarium

Small- Orbit 20, Neo 4 , Omni 9

Med- Omni 15, Neo 16, Medusa Desktop

Main Diet  JellyFuel
Optional Diet "snacks" Baby Brine Shrimp, frozen Mysis shrimp
Sting May cause minor irritation, exercise caution when handling
Life Span 2-4 years 
Special Requirements Brackish salinity
Compatibility Should only be kept with other Bay Nettles


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