How To Feed Your Jellyfish

Jellyfish should generally be fed once a day. It is fine to pass on feeding for a day or two, for vacations. We highly recommend you use our JellyFuel dry jellyfish food or any of the other foods we recommend. JellyFuel is a complete diet for jellyfish, making feeding both easy and affordable. 


Instructions for feeding JellyFuel:


JellyFuel comes as a dry powder/pellet. Take a clean cup and pour the desired amount of JellyFuel into the cup. Add enough water to fully cover the JellyFuel. Mix for a moment, and then let the food sit for 2-5 minutes. This step is very important, as the food needs to rehydrate. Jellyfish may reject food otherwise. Once the food is ready, simply pour it into the tank. We highly suggest you don't target feed your jellyfish. This has been shown to damage their tentacles, and can cause them to stop feeding. Jellyfish are passive feeders, meaning they slowly collect food out of the water. If some of the JellyFuel settles, you can use a feeding pipette (available in accessories) to blow it back into suspension. You can greatly improve your water quality by removing any uneaten food at the bottom of the tank 1-2 hours after feeding. Otherwise, the food decomposes into waste. 


How Much do I Feed My Jellyfish?

All Jellyfish are different, and will eat different amounts of foods. It's best to feed your jellyfish a little bit of food, and observe how much they eat, and how much doesn't get eaten. This can be used to judge how much food is needed. 

JellyFuel is a very concentrated food, and jellyfish don't need to eat much. They only need a little bit of food in each of their four stomachs. 

When feeding baby brine shrimp, however, the jellies should fill up their entire stomachs with the food. You may notice they turn slightly orange several hours after feeding, as they digest the food.