Acclimation Instructions

How to Acclimate Your New Jellyfish

Your new pet jellyfish will arrive double bagged, in an insulated shipping box. Open the box, and remove the bag of jellies. Inspect them to ensure they are all healthy and accounted for. We recommend you float the jellyfish in their new aquarium for around 15 minutes to temperature- acclimate. Some of the smaller jellyfish aquariums wont fit the bag of jellies. In this instance, it is okay to let the jellies sit outside of the box for 15 minutes, as long as your tank is at room temperature.

Once the jellies are temperature-acclimated, you can open their bag. This can be done either by using scissors to cut the rubber-bands, or simply unwrap them. It is helpful to set the bag of jellies in a bowl, so they don't fall over or spill. Take a clean cup, and remove about 1⁄2 cups worth of water from your jellyfish aquarium, and add it to the bag of jellyfish, careful to not make bubbles. Five minutes later, remove 1⁄2 cup from the jellyfish bag, and add it to the jellyfish aquarium. Repeat this every five minutes or so, for 20 minutes. This process of exchanging water between the bag and the aquarium acclimates your jellyfish to any possible difference in salinity.

You can now add your jellyfish to their aquarium. If possible, you can gently pour them from the bag into the aquarium, careful not to be rough or create bubbles. You can also scoop your jellyfish up with a cup or ladle. Carefully scoop up the jellyfish, making sure that it is fully submerged in water, and no tentacles get stuck. Never take your jellyfish out of water. You can then gently pour them into their aquarium.

It is normal for jellyfish to be a little sluggish or slow for the first day, as they get used to their new home. It's best to not feed them for the first 24 hours. Once they are fully settled in, they should pulse once every second or so, and should readily eat. Enjoy your new pets!

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Helpful Tips

Certain Jellyfish prefer different salinity levels. Here at the Jellyfish Warehouse, we keep our jellies at specific salinities, so you can match them in your aquarium, and reduce the stress your pet jellyfish might encounter. Here is a chart of the salinities we keep our most common jellyfish species at: