Wild Caught Rainbow Bay Nettles

Wild Caught Rainbow Bay Nettles

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 Chrysaora chesapeakei 

Pearly white colored Bay Nettles are found up and down the American Atlantic coast in summer months. But in certain areas highly variable color morphs can be found. Every summer our team goes out to hand collect the most beautiful and Rainbow Bay nettles. These jellies are all incredibly unique, having a wide variety of colors and patterns. Colors include Burgundy, red & purple. 


About our collection methods

We are all about sustainability and aquaculture of jellyfish. Following that motto, we only collect jellyfish in a 100% sustainable and population friendly manner. We wild collect jellies like these to help improve our aquaculture efforts. Buying products like these helps us move forward with aquaculture of jellyfish. 

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This video shows the variety of colors and patterns to expect out of these Sea Nettles