Flame Jellyfish

Flame Jellyfish

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Rhopilema esculentum - Captive Bred

~2” bell diameter and 2-4” long


Flame Jellies are a species that truly wow!’s anyone that sees them. Starting out clear, they turn an intense fiery red-orange color when they reach 3-4”. Their name is fitting and it’s that striking color that makes them so highly sought after. 

Flame jellies a hardy and fairly easy-to-care-for species of jellyfish. Once settled in, they grow very quickly. We have found they do best at a brackish salinity of 1.014 SG/19 ppt

Quick Care Stats 

Natural Habitat Found in waters around China, Japan and Korea
Care Level Moderate, hardy 
Salinity 1.014 SG
Temperature 60-75 F, room temperature is ideal
Recommended Aquarium

Orbit 20, Neo 4 & 16 , Omni 9 & 15, Medusa Desktop

Main Diet  Live Baby Brine Shrimp, OysterFeast
Optional Diet "snacks" Live or frozen rotifers
Sting Minimal to none
Life Span 1-2 years
Special Requirements N/A
Compatibility Can be kept with Ice Jellyfish


All orders of live jellyfish will be shipped with our $38 priority flat rate service. Size is approximate. Jellies are measured in diameter from tip to tip.