Dwarf Lion's Mane Jellyfish

Dwarf Lion's Mane Jellyfish

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Cyanea versicolor - Captive Bred 

Lion's Mane Jellyfish have gained a reputation as growing to be the largest animal on the planet. There are actually a handful of Lion's Mane species. We've found one that is perfect for the home aquarium. The Dwarf Lion's Mane reaches a max size of 5" diameter and thrive at around room temperature. Cream colored bodies, with dark red stripes and arms. We raise a specific strain that that develop intense fuchsia and maroon coloration. 

With hefty carnivorous appetites, these jellies will gladly accept frozen Mysis, and other finely diced frozen fish foods in their diet. 

With hundreds of long, mesmerizing tentacles, Dwarf Lion's Mane jellies are an absolute jaw dropper. They fill up a lot of space in their aquarium and stand out from across the room. 


Small: ~ 3/4" diameter with 12"+ tentacles. (Ideal for home aquariums) 

Medium: 1-1.5" diameter with 1-2 foot tentacles.  

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Quick Care Stats 

Natural Habitat Bays and harbors along the US Atlantic 
Care Level Easy- moderate
Salinity 1.023 SG 
Temperature 68-74 F
Recommended Aquarium

Small- Orbit 20, Neo 4 , Omni 9

Med- Omni 15, Neo 16, Medusa Desktop

Main Diet  JellyFuel
Optional Diet "snacks" Baby Brine Shrimp, frozen Mysis shrimp
Sting May cause minor irritation, exercise caution when handling
Life Span 2-4 years 
Species Requirements N/A
Should only be kept minimally stocked with other Dwarf Lion's Manes



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