Neo 4 Desktop Jellyfish Tank
Neo 4 Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Neo 4 Desktop Jellyfish Tank

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We are happy to announce our own line of jellyfish tanks, the Neo line! In Latin, Neo refers to new, and this is a new take on a modern and functional jellyfish aquarium. The Neo 16 is a uniquely stylish all in one jellyfish aquarium. This tank is aimed to mix aesthetics, functionality and budget-friendliness. Its small form factor makes it ideal for office desks, dorm rooms, bedside tables etc. 


This kit comes with:

4 gallon all-in-one tank

Quiet and efficient DC brushless circulation pump 

Color Changing RGB LED light

Acrylic safe cleaning sponges

SuperStart pre cycled biological media

Mechanical filter sponge

6 month Supply JellyFuel Jellyfish Food 



4 Gallons

Supports 5 small-medium Moon jellyfish

15" diameter x 8" wide

12 Volts DC (Low energy consumption)