Fritz RPM salt mix

Fritz RPM salt mix

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Jellyfish are 95-97% water, which means the saltwater they live in is extremely important! As a jellyfish aquaculture laboratory, we have tested virtually every salt mix on the market and ultimately decided Fritz RPM was the way to go. It mixes crystal clear in minutes and is safe to use with jellyfish almost immediately. Other salt mixes need to be mixed overnight to achieve clarity and full dissolution. 

No overpriced, relabeled salt here! We strive to offer transparent and affordable products. That’s why we offer the same brand of salt that we use in our own facility. 

This resealable 14 lb bag will make 50 gallons of saltwater at 1.023 SG/ 31 ppt. 

Because of the weight of salt, this item will ship separately  from live shipment orders via ground shipping!