Omni 15 gallon Jellyfish Aquarium

Omni 15 gallon Jellyfish Aquarium

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Omni is a latin word that means “all”. At the jellyfish warehouse, our goal has always been to offer rare and previously unobtainable jellyfish to the public. As jellyfish hobbyists ourselves, we wanted a place where anyone could get jellyfish or aquariums. That’s precisely why we created the Omni tank. This aquarium combines functionality with design, while also being the most inexpensive option on the market. Right out of the box, you will be set up for success with keeping jellyfish. 

We took the wildly popular Fluval Flex Series Aquariums and modified them with a new exit diffuser and spray bar manifold to provide the proper environment for your jellyfish. Fluval stands out as one of the leading aquarium manufacturers in the world, and was an obvious choice to supply the glass for our jellyfish tanks. 

At 15 gallons, this tank is the appropriate size to keep most jellyfish species. As a complete kit, you simply just add water, and turn it on. For those with experience and looking to branch out, there is room to add an external canister filter, heater or chiller and much more. A perfect option for jellyfish beginners and experts. 

This kit comes with: 

15 gallon aquarium specialized for jellyfish 

Color changing LED light 

High quality glass body

A bag of our SuperStart precycled biological media

True 3 stage filtration (biological, chemical and mechanical) 

132 GPH quiet pump with valve for flow adjustment