Medusa Desktop Aquarium
Medusa Desktop Aquarium
Medusa Desktop Aquarium
Medusa Desktop Aquarium
Medusa Desktop Aquarium

Medusa Desktop Aquarium

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Medusa desktop aquarium

This is the most innovative home jellyfish aquarium to date. The striking minimalist design complements these simple yet elegant creatures with ease.

The medusa Desktop Aquarium lighting features a full color LED remote controlled system to illuminate your jellies beautifully.

Hand crafted in the UK, each medusa desktop aquarium is designed with jellyfish in mind. The advanced laminar flow spray bar propels jellyfish gently passed the out-take that filters the water.

Filtration is hidden at the rear of the aquarium enclosed in a sump unit. Provided with the Medusa Desktop Aquarium is the filtration (Bioballs, floss foam mesh) and powerful yet silent Eheim 1000 powerhead. To control the flow output there is an easy access flow restrictor at the top of the aquarium.

The Medusa designed to be highly quiet and efficient. It uses just 19 watts of electricity total. 

"This is the tank I wish was around when I started keeping jellyfish 8 years ago. It's perfect for those wanting to really experiment with jellyfish keeping- there's tons of availability to customize it to really fit any species." - Travis Brandwood, President and avid hobbyist. 

Quick specifications:

○ Capacity: 11 gallons

○ Material: Cast acrylic perspex (Crafted in the UK)

○ Dimensions: 19.5" (H) x 17" (L) x 17"(D)

○ Number of jellyfish: 10 2" jellyfish

○ Lighting: RGB remote controlled LED fixture

○ Filtration: Mechanical, biological

 Whats included?

○ Medusa Desktop Aquarium

○ RGB LED color changing lights

○ Aquatop return pump 

○ SuperStart Pre-cycled Biological Media 

○ 2 Ounces of JellyFuel 

Please note: the medusa Desktop tank is manufactured in the UK. The original components all feature UK plugs. Because of this, we substitute the electronics and filtration with American ones. The supplies you receive with the tank may vary slightly from what is featured in the above video.